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John Wayne 1887 Mare's Leg Shotgun
John Wayne Henry Big Boy Rifle
John Wayne Patriotic Tribute
John Wayne Thompson
John Wayne Tribute 1873 Rifle
John Wayne Tribute Lever-Action Shotgun
John Wayne Tribute Pistol
John Wayne Tribute Schofield Revolver
John Wayne Tribute to the Military
Legends of the Old West Tribute

5-tone Deluxe Finish: 24 karat gold, bright nickel, brushed nickel, blue and/or black chrome.
Current Active Distributors:
America Remembers ~ Ashland, VA
Commemorative Firearms ~ Fargo, ND

Inactive/Discontinued Distributors:
Custom Promotions
Artistic Arms
Emmett's Gun Supply
Legendary Commemoratives
Investment Arms
Legacy Tributes
Rocky Mountain Firearms