American Legion Department of Texas Winchester 94 .410

American Legion Department of Texas Winchester 94 .410

Make: Winchester

Model: 94-410

Caliber: .410

Edition Limit: 25

Issue Date: 2008

Black Powder: NO




Contact: Mark Smith

Commissioned By: A&A Exclusive

Disclaimer: Firearms laws frequently change. Some restrictions may apply. We advise consulting a trusted local firearms dealer in your area before committing to any purchase.

5-tone Deluxe Finish: 24 karat gold, bright nickel, brushed nickel, blue and/or black chrome.
Current Active Distributors:
America Remembers ~ Ashland, VA
Commemorative Firearms ~ Fargo, ND

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Artistic Arms
Emmett's Gun Supply
Legendary Commemoratives
Investment Arms
Legacy Tributes
Rocky Mountain Firearms